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"Pemberley" Regency Pumps

  • Pointed toe and custom-made Italian heel
  • Dyeable white calf leather lined and soled in leather
  • Ideal for the late 1780s to the 1810s

"Savoy" Edwardian Beaded Pumps

"Renoir" Civil War Button Boots

  • Square toe, opera heel, and true button closure (no zippers!)
  • Created from antique originals c. late 1850s - 1880s
  • All-leather upper, lining, and sole

"Tissot" Civil War Dyeable Sateen Pumps

  • Sateen upper dyes beautifully and mimics silk
  • Square toe and opera heel created from original examples
  • Perfect for day or evening events, c. late 1850s - 1880s

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Elizabethan and Renaissance Shoes

  • All leather, with period slashing and closure
  • Sturdy and comfortable for long event days
  • More styles coming soon!

Regency Shoes and Boots
  • Leather and Fabric boots in various silhouettes
  • Historically accurate for 1790 - 1820
  • Dyeable materials for DIY

Victorian & Edwardian Styles
  • Totally authentic side-buttoning boots for Civil War through 1919
  • Period-accurate silhouettes, heels, and closures
  • Dyeable materials for customizing your own

Shoe Buckles & Accessories
  • Exclusive reproduction 18th century shoe buckles
  • Our signature silk clocked stockings
  • Fully Fashioned and Vintage Seamed stockings
  • Shoe clips and shoe clip hardware for making your own decorations

  • Everything you need to completely customize your shoes with Angelus Leather Paints
  • Angelus Leather Dyes
  • Top-of-the-line Angelus Shoe Polishes and Creams

About Us...

American Duchess shoes are designed specifically for historical costumers and reenactors.  They are closely based on extant examples of footwear found in museums.

Particular attention is paid to accuracy and quality.  We use 100% silk and 100% quality leather materials, with smooth Italian leather soles.  Our white silk and white leather shoes can be dyed and painted to match your costume.

Comfort is key.  American Duchess shoes are constructed to fit modern feet, and keep you comfortable at all-day events.  They have all the padding and arch support of modern shoes, but the look and function of period footwear.  We don't believe in crippling our customers!

American Duchess shoes are unique and exclusive.  Only a few hundred pair of each style exist in the world, and styles are often retired after just one or two runs.